Strange Ideas

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Welcome, friends old and new

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Louise West is currently teaching and surviving in rural Lincolnshire, famed for its beautiful open sky and not much else. She dreams of rainy days and cups of tea. She and her faithful terriers love long walks on the beach, where they can bounce in the surf and she can paddle with her shoes on. She will only eat trifle if her Nan made it.


Sometimes she has Strange Ideas.

Sometimes she writes them down.

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Strange Ideas Series

Strange ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions


 Four brand-new tales to creep you out and mess with your head, plus an exclusive rework of Late: a ghostly tale- now with a revised ending and intriguing explanation.


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Other books from Louise West

Late: a ghostly tale 

Long after the children have escaped for home, a lone schoolteacher is working late. But is she really alone? Is someone there that that she can’t see? And, if so, what do they want?



A chilling ghost story to enjoy and share on dark, winter nights. Just make sure you’re not the one who has to switch off the light…


 Now available in paperback on Amazon.


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